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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Alphabet and pronounciation guide

Coloured text shows where multiple letters or combinations have the same phonetic value. Click on the Greek Upper case letters to hear a pronunciation.

Αα - "a" as in cat
Ββ - "v" as in "lever"
Γγ - "y" as in "yes"
Δδ - "th" as in "the" (dh)
Εε - "e" as in "bet"
Ζζ - "z" as in "zebra"
Ηη - "i" as in "broccoli"
Θθ - "th" as in "thing"
Ιι - "i" as in "broccoli"
Κκ - "k" as in "kettle"
Λλ - "l" as in "lot"
Μμ - "m" as in "mother"
Νν - "n" as in "not"
Ξξ - "ks" as in "treks"
Οο - "o" as in "hot"
Ππ - "p" as in "pen"
Ρρ - "r" as in "rope"
Σσ - "s" as in "send" shown as "ς" when at the end of a word
Ττ - "t" as in "top"
Υυ - "i" as in "broccolli"
Φφ - "f" as in "fish"
Χχ - "ch" as in " loch"
Ψψ - "ps" as in "lapse"
Ωω - "o" as in "hot"
ΤΖτζ - "j" as in "jam"
ΓΚγκ - "G" as in "garage"
ΜΠμπ - "b" as in "bar"
ΝΤντ - "nd" or "d" as in "end" or "dog"
ΓΓγγ - "ng" as in "bang"
ΑΙαι - "ai" as in "air"
ΕΙει - "i" as in "broccoli"
ΟΙοι - "i" as in "broccoli"
ΑΥαυ - "af" or "av" as in "after" of "average"
ΕΥευ - "ef" or "ev" as in "left" or "ever"
ΟΥου - "oo" as in "food"

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