Hi there, This resource was for anyone who was interested in learning Modern Greek, but was primarily used as a repository for classnotes for a first year Modern Greek evening class.
Although this blog site will remain here, it has now been superceeded by a a regular website www.allgreek2me.com which contains all the referance material available on this blog. Additionally all future Year 2 referance notes will only appear on the new website.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Noun Articles and Endings

Ο, ο-ΟΣ, οςΟΙ, οι-ΟΙ, οι
-ΑΣ, ας-ΑΔΕΣ, αδες
-ΗΣ, ης-ΕΣ, ες
-ΕΣ, ες-ΕΔΕΣ, εδες
Η, η-Α, ΑΟΙ, οι-ΕΣ, ες
-Η, η-ΕΣ, ες
-ΟΣ, ος-ΟΙ, οι
ΤΟ, το-Ο, οΤΑ, τα-Α, α
-Ι, ι-ΙΑ, ια
-ΜΑ, μα-ΜΑΤΑ, ματα
-ΩΣ, ως-ΩΤΑ, ωτα

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