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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What's your name?

Like many languages Greek has a familiar way of introducing yourself and more formal versions. The familiar is shown in this short conversation between Nikos and Kostas:
Κώστας:--------------Πώς σε λένε;What's your name?
Νίκος:Με λένε Νίκο. Εσένα;My name is Niko. And you?
Κώστας:Με λένε Κώστα.My name is Kosta.

In uppercase those phrases are:

NB the semi colon (;) symbol is used in Greek as a question mark.

More formal ways of asking, "what's your name?" are:
ΤΟ ΟΝΟΜΑ ΣΑΣ;το ονόμα σας;
ΠΟΣ ΛΕΓΕΣΤΕ;πος λεγεστε;
and reply "my name is" with:
ΤΟ ΟΝΟΜΑ ΜΟΥ ΕΙΝΑΙ ------το ονομα μου ειναι

And the slightly more formal way to say "and you?" is to add the and in so "ΕΣΕΝΑ" (liturally meaning just "You?") becomes "ΚΑΙ ΕΣΕΝΑ;"

To use Mr and Mrs use ΚΥΡΙΟΣ (κύριος) for Mr and ΚΥΡΙΑ (κυρία) for Mrs, so you would say:
Με λένε ο κυρίοσ ....... / My name is Mr ....... or
Με λένε η κυρία ........ / My name is Mrs .......

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