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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To Be or Not To Be - the most useful verb

ΕΙΜΑΙείμαιimayI am
ΕΙΣΑΙείσαιisayYou are
ΕΙΝΑΙείναιinayHe/she/it is
ΕΙΜΑΣΤΕείμαστεimastayWe are
ΕΙΣΤΕείστεistayYou are
ΕΙΝΑΙείναιinayThey are

To make a verb negative add ΔΕΝ (δεν) in front of the verb. Hence "Δεν είμαι" (ΔΕΝ ΕΙΜΑΙ)means "I am not"

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GreedyGreen said...

i have altered the pronunciation spellings from using "ee" to "i" for the start of the verb. This is just to be in keeping with other posts on this blog. The "i" is pronounced like the fianl letter of the word Brocolli.