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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Last Half Term

We are now in the last half term of Greek Year 1 and there is one more formal topic to cover - that of "directions" which George has suggested we cover on the last lesson on July 3rd. For the three lessons in between, have a think about any situations or topic you would like George to either go over or revise. Feel free to add a comment on this post if you have a topic you would like to cover.
As a preperation for the last lesson here is the vocabulary list for directions:
Straight onευθείαΕΥΘΕΙΑ
Straight on (alternative)ίσιαΙΣΙΑ
Street (narrow)το στενόΤΟ ΣΤΕΝΟ
Streetη οδόςΗ ΟΔΟΣ
Street (alternative)ο δρόμοςΟ ΔΡΟΜΟΣ

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