Hi there, This resource was for anyone who was interested in learning Modern Greek, but was primarily used as a repository for classnotes for a first year Modern Greek evening class.
Although this blog site will remain here, it has now been superceeded by a a regular website www.allgreek2me.com which contains all the referance material available on this blog. Additionally all future Year 2 referance notes will only appear on the new website.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Greek Year 2 - Part 2

George has just told me that the college have now decided they are going to run a Greek Year 2 course next year and have asked him to tutor it. Apparently you should all get a letter to this effect soon, but if you prefer we can still go ahead with running a private course. Please have a think about whether you would prefer to use the college again or do our own thing. George says he has no preference and doesn't want to influence our decision, so I suggest that we have a chat about it at the BlueBell on the 28th when we next meet, for those who will be coming along. If you are not coming that evening perhaps you can get in contact to give your opinion of which you would prefer.

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