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Although this blog site will remain here, it has now been superceeded by a a regular website www.allgreek2me.com which contains all the referance material available on this blog. Additionally all future Year 2 referance notes will only appear on the new website.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Greek Year 2

Next week we will not be meeting in the Blue Bell, so the next time for a Tuesday meeting will be Tuesday 28th August. I look forward to seeing some or all of you then.
This week, George told us that the venue for next year's Level 2 course is definitely available at "Liberty's In Town" on Lindthorpe Road in Middlesbrough and we are likely to kick off with a first lesson on September 25th. In order to confirm what the term dates will be we'll have a meeting at Liberty's on Tuesday September the 4th at 7pm. So if you would like to do the Greek level 2, please try to make that meeting, even if you have not been coming to our other summer meetings at the Blue Bell.
At that meeting we can go over what the best term dates are for the majority, what we would like on the sylabus etc. In order to run the course we will need about 10 people to pay £35 each per term and the only way this will work is for this to be up front for the whole term just as it was for the last year.
If you know you can't make this meeting on the 4th, but would still like to do the lessons next year, then please let me know if you have any suggestions or requests that I can bring up at that meeting, or even just get in contact to let us know you are going to be coming along to the course. It would also be helpful to know if you have decided you don't wish to continue just as if you know you are going to.

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